Mobile application «CountryMan»
Service for citizens temporarily or permanently traveling abroad of their country to quickly find help, support, communication and advice from compatriots who are nearby within a radius of 100 kilometers or from the official state bodies of their country represented in the host country, as well as insurance companies and organizations.
The national service of communication and assistance of compatriots traveling and being
abroad of their country anywhere in the world.
Compatriots near
Location and open data of compatriots who are nearby. See on the map who of the compatriots next. View profiles, choose the necessary compatriot for communication or help on accessories
Convenient correspondence with users of the system (compatriots)
Receive messages
Receive emergency messages in the area of your geolocation from compatriots or government agencies with warnings about an emergency situation in the country where you are located and recommendations for action
Appeal to the consulate
Operational request to the consular offices of his country in the country of residence. Direct and quick request to the consulate. Addresses and contacts of consular offices located nearby
Submit an emergency call for help, which will be visible to all nearby compatriots within a radius of 100 kilometers and consular offices. Help will come immediately, and your geodata will be saved in the system
Sending emergency messages
Share important information with system users
Countrymen nearby!
In real time, the app shows the coordinates and open data of compatriots, nearby.

Depending on the data that they indicated in their profile - the corresponding icons are displayed (one or in a group, on transport or on foot, a tourist, a policeman, a driver, a student, an athlete, a journalist and others to choose from).

At any time, know who is next to you!
A citizen who wants to communicate, consult or help from compatriots next to him, clicks on the icon of any citizen on the map, gets access to profile information and a tab to send a short message.

Choose a compatriot on the basis of his professional activities and / or other data specified in the profile.

Share, get acquainted and consult!
SOS function
Emergency call.

A large, fast-access button for a critical event. Pressing it - the user automatically sends a signal to all fellow citizens who are nearby, as well as to the consulate of his country.
Consular assistance at hand
The location of the citizen and consular departments of the country nearby is automatically determined.

The user's request is automatically sent through the application to the representation of his country in the host country.
Warnings from users and system
Users or the central system warn other fellow citizens about potentially dangerous situations or important events. For example, bad weather, snowfall, a big accident or a terrorist attack.

Such messages are visible to all users with automatic detection of geolocation, where the message came from.
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Answers to popular questions
User geodata is located on the product server, protected and not transferable to third parties without the user's consent.
The user has the right to choose the system to use the user's current geodata.
The price of the application is 1 US dollar.
Includes use of the application without any restrictions.
The application has no hidden fees.
- Основные открытые данные для пользователей (аватар, имя пользователя, выбор иконки профессии, выбор иконки вида путешествия (пешком, на транспорте, в группе, один, семья).
- Закрытые данные пользователя хранящиеся на сервере, необходимые для идентификации пользователя в случае экстренной ситуации.
Пользователь сам лично выбирает объем предоставляемой информации.

Вся информация сугубо конфиденциальна.
For citizens of Russia - 09/19/2019
For citizens of EU countries - 12/19/2019
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